Don’t forget to read TumbleBooks from home!

Swift has added to our library with a subscription to “TumbleBooks,” an eBook Library for students to enjoy at school and at home. eBooks are electronic versions of published books, and are a fun interactive way for students to explore books online. To log on, go to the "Library" link on this page, and click on tbl.gif.

Or, go to

username: swift
password: books

International Children’s Digital Library
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The International Children's Digital Library has many children's books available in an online format. When you go to the site (www.childrenslibrary.org) click on the red book in the middle of the page to read stories.
It is truly an international library, with books in many languages. There are 55 books in French, 168 books in Spanish, and 451 books in English to get you started!

Here are a few you might enjoy:
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Letters to the First Lady The Farmer's Wife Insect Soup