Online Databases

Databases contain articles from encyclopedias, magazines, journals, and websites compiled in a searchable online format. The following databases have materials written for a variety of reading levels. Unlike other websites you may encounter on the web, you will be able to find information written at a level you can understand that comes from an authoritative source. While you do have to enter a password to use these databases, it is still a fast way to find quality reference materials online. Databases are great for classroom research projects!

You can click on the logo on the left to go directly to the database. Questions? Please email Mr. Rogers.

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Encyclopedia Britannica Online
This database has millions of articles on as many topics. You can select the appropriate grade level. Includes Internet links, magazine articles, timelines and more. Also includes a Spanish language version.
Username and Password:
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Enciclopedia Universal en Espanol
Provides Britannica’s Spanish language version at two different levels.
Username and Password:
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Kids InfoBits (Gale K-5th grade)
This K-5 student website features a visually graphic interface, a topic tree search, and age-appropriate, curriculum-related magazine, newspaper and reference content.
Username and Password:
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Student Resource Center– Junior (Gale Middle School)
Provides a premium selection of reference material, more than 340 full-text periodicals and newspapers, primary sources, creative works, and multimedia, including hours of video and audio clips.
Username and Password:
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Student Resources In Context (Gale upper grades)
This fully integrated database contains thousands of curriculum-targeted primary documents, biographies, essays, critical analyses, and full-text coverage of more than 1,000 magazines and newspapers. Also includes photographs, illustrations, and audio and video clips.
Username and Password:
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Access thousands of high-quality archival, original, and current events videos for use in classroom instruction, student projects, and homework. Students can create account at home with parent or guardian.
Username and Password:
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Access the Chicago Sun-Times (1986 to present).
Username and Password:
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Original interviews with authors and illustrators and a wealth of multimedia resources on books.
Username and Password: cps
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Chicago Public Library
CPL provides subscriber access to over 30 databases for children and adults, including World Book; JuniorQuest Magazines; ProQuest Newspapers; SIRS Discoverer, and Spanish-language databases.
Select View All Online Resources then enter CPL card number.
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e CUIP Digital Library
Reference and reading materials specially created in support of the CPS curriculum for teachers and students.
No password needed.
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The History Makers
Free online source for African American biographies, history, timelines, events.
No password needed.
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Library of Congress
Free online resource for American history. Digital collection includes more than 8 million primary source materials, including historic maps, documents, audio and video.
No password needed.
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Encyclopedia of Chicago
Free, comprehensive reference source of Chicago history.
No password needed.