You will be learning about a selected tribe of American Indians. Below are some links to begin your exploration and some topics to consider in your research.

List of American Indian Tribes

Illinois Tribe

Britannica Online

- Who were the leaders of the tribe?
- How did they educate their people?
- What were their families like?

Beliefs & Customs
- What were the basic beliefs of the tribe?
- What did they celebrate?
- How did they celebrate?
- What did they value?
-Did they have any special traditions?

Architecture & Art
- What kind of homes did they live in?
- What did these homes look like?
- How were their villages set up?
- What kind of art did they create?
- What did they use/ how did they create the art?
- What kind of meanings were associated with the art?

Influence of location/environment
- What was the climate like in the region where the tribe lived?
- What resources did the tribe use to survive? How did they use these resources?
- What did they eat?
- How did they hunt/gather food?

Relationships with other tribes
- Did they have any conflicts with other groups?
- What were conflicts/disagreements about?
- Did they have any allies?